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Finance and Corporate Services Committee

The purpose of the Finance and Corporate Services Committee is to:

  • Direct the development and implementation of corporate policies and programs; and
  • Direct the exercise of a general financial control of all departments and ensuring Council is presented with the annual estimates of revenue and expenditures.

Effective financial management depends on the establishment of clearly defined responsibilities and operating procedures throughout the municipal organization; ensuring that the various financial activities of the municipality are integrated into an overall financial management system, while also providing effective and efficient municipal services to the public.

Agendas & Minutes
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The financial management of the municipality embraces:

  • Making decisions pertaining to expenditures to be incurred and how they will be financed;
  • Ensuring proper handling of the municipality's revenues;
  • Maintaining its physical assets;
  • Reviewing, evaluating and reporting on the results of the expenditures and financial decisions made each year; and
  • accountability


  • recognize sources of municipal revenues;
  • establish budget process;
  • determine methods of managing revenues and expenditures; and
  • develop financial analysis/reports

The representative role of Council on the Finance and Corporate Services Committee ensures that all the views of the public are reflected in decision-making relating to the local financial priorities.  Council is the spokesperson of the municipality and the Finance and Corporate Services is a committee thereof.

The policy making role of Council is undertaken through the approval of the annual current budget with specific polices and procedures that provide direction for staff and the public.

Members of the Committee are as follows:

Robert Young - Chair Don Chevalier - CAO
Shane Baker Tom Gefucia - Treasurer
Virginia (Ginny) Burgess  
Terry Glover  
Robert Lacroix  
Ruth Ross  
Nancy Tapley  


All meetings are to be held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Office, 1012 Dwight Beach Road, Dwight, Ontario


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