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Bylaw Enforcement


Municipal By-Law Enforcement is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of municipal by-laws related to zoning, signs, noise, licensing, parking, animals and parks.

Education and awareness are important, by understanding by-laws property owners and occupants (tenants) will know their responsibilities and can avoid consequences for by-law violations. 

The By-law Enforcement Officer will enforce by-laws by investigating to determine if there is a violation(s) and will take the necessary measures to ensure the violation(s) is corrected (compliance obtained).

Municipal By-law Complaints

Municipal By-law complaints will be accepted in writing and the following information is provided:

  • Complainant name, address and telephone number
  • Complaint location (address)
  • Succinct explanation of the complaint and details that would assist with an investigation
  • Summary of when and where the problem/infraction is occurring


For interpretation of municipal by-laws & for further information call: 

Stephen Watson, Director of Building and By-law Services

(705) 635-2272 ex. 225 or by email

Please reference By-law Enforcement in your subject line.


To learn more about the Ontario Bear Wise Program, please visit::




Examples of By-laws Enforced:

Municipal By-laws

The Control and Licensing of Dogs

ORV By-law 2016-041

ATV's - District of Muskoka By-law No. 2013-48

Backyard Hens By-law 2013-161

Dark Skies By-law 2013-131


Licensing (Hawkers, Peddlers, Vendors, Transient Traders)

Municipal Access User Agreements  - (Revised May 2016) (Commercial Use of Access Points - loading and unloading of materials, goods and equipment)


Public Parks



Municipal By-law Enforcement

Municipal By-law Enforcement Policy



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