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The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by Council and is responsible for the leadership and general management of all of the municipality's business functions.  All municipal departments report to Council through the CAO.  The CAO works within the local by-laws and policies/procedures of Council to make certain that all services and programs operate smoothly and meet the expectations of the community and Council.

The Chief Administrative Officer is committed to:

  • Provide advice to Council on the resources and tools that are necessary to deliver efficient and effective municipal services to the community;
  • Advance intergovernmental initiatives and regional partnerships and agreements;
  • Act as the liaison between the Council and staff;
  • Ensure that Council directives are coordinated between departments and relevant agencies;
  • Ensure that the decisions and plans of the elected officials are carried out within the context of the values and strategic directions of the corporation; and
  • Anticipate the inevitable changes that occur throughout the community.

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