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Fire Department Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Fire Advisory Committee is to advise and direct the Fire Chief in matters relating to policy issues in the operations of the fire department which, provides emergency services, fire protection and public education as determined necessary in accordance with needs and circumstances.


Emergency Response

Fire Protection/Public Education
  • Emergency plan;

  • Water and ice rescue;

  • Firefighting (structures, grass, municipal forests, crown lands);

  • Motor vehicle accidents;

  • Hazardous materials; and

  • Public assistance.

  • Burning permits;

  • Smoke alarms;

  • Examine/approve new construction drawings; and

  • Complaint/requested inspections.

Fire Administration

Fire Investigation

  • Health and safety issues;

  • Reporting to Council;

  • Recruitment, selection, retention; and

  • Public relations.

  • Determine cause and origin

  • Liaise with provincial agencies (fire, police, courts)



Fire Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes


Members of the Committee are as follows: 

 Council Representatives

 Staff Representatives

Shane Baker (Primary)

Steve Hernen (Chief)

Robert Lacroix 


Glen Maynard (District Chief)


Frank VanGelder (District Chief)


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