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Sale of Municipal Land

Municipal Shore/Road Allowances

Shoreline road allowances exist on many lakes within Ontario.  Crown surveyors reserved a 66 foot wide road allowance around the edges of most Ontario Lakes.  Although many of these allowances were never opened as public municipal roads, they remain public property.  Waterfront property owners often do not own their lots right up to the water's edge.  In many circumstances,  property owners have encroached onto these allowances and utilized them as a lot addition with the construction of entire or parts of dwellings, boathouses, docks, garages, landscaping, etc.

Road allowances were originally laid out for roads by Crown surveyors generally 66 feet in width.  Many of these road allowances were never developed into travelable roads and they remain unopened and in public ownership.  Some of these road allowances lead directly to water and other road allowances sometimes create what appear to be a lot between two privately owned properties.  In most cases these road allowances are "invisible" to all but land surveyors.  In many circumstances, the property owner has encroached onto these allowances with structures, landscaping, septics, wells, etc.

Consequently, some of these property owners have encountered problems with land transfers, mortgages, insurance claims and the settling of estates because their structures are located on, or partly on, land they do not own.  Under the Limitations Act, it is not possible for persons to obtain prescriptive or "squatter's rights" against road allowances; even those that are unopened. 

Property owners can rectify the trespass in the following ways:

1.  Purchase the Land

Original Shore Road Allowance Closure

Original Road Allowance Closure

2.  Use of Municipal Land 

Obtain an Encroachment Agreement

3.  Lease the Land


To view our Corporate Services - Original Shore/Road Allowances brochure - click here

Other Municipal Land

The Township of Lake of Bays will consider requests made for the purchase of land owned by the municipality.  Interested parties should submit a letter to the Clerk outlining the details of the subject property they wish to purchase, the reasons why they wish to purchase the property and their contact information. 

For more information please contact the Corporate Services Department at (705) 635-2272, ext. 224 or send us an email.


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