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Heritage Tax Relief Program

"A program to encourage good stewardship of heritage properties in the Township of Lake of Bays"

Why Heritage Matters.......

Heritage buildings in our area connect us to a storied past, enriching our quality of life and imparting a unique character and sense of place of our Township.  Although heritage properties provide benefit and enjoyment to the whole community, attracting residents, businesses and visitors, most are privately owned.  Preserving the integrity of heritage features can be expensive.  This program provides an incentive to owners to invest in the on-going conservation of their heritage buildings.  with continuous care and maintenance, major restorations and their high costs can be avoided.  The property tax relief program encourages and supports owners to be stewards of their heritage properties, protecting the Township of Lake of Bays' heritage for future generations.

What Should I Know About the Program.....

  • Available to properties that have been designated by Council under the Ontario Heritage Act
  • The rebate is automatically renewed for up to 3 years
  • After 3 years, a new application is required
  • The rebate is not available in conjunction with any other tax relief programs, including Provincial programs and conservation easements
  • Property taxes must be current and in good standing with the Township
  • The Owner must enter into an agreement with the Township to maintain the property or feature(s) to the standards set out in the criteria and make the property available for inspection.
  • The program is subject to the availability of the rebate pool to be determined annually in the Township's budget

Applications and Agreements......



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