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Frequently Asked Building Questions

If your proposed project does not fall under "when a permit is or is not required" please contact the building department.  This web page is a guideline; the Ontario Building Code supersedes anything on this webpage.)


What is a Building Permit?

Formal approval from The Township of Lake of Bays is required to construct, add to, renovate, or demolish a building on your property.


Why do I need a Building Permit?

In Ontario, there are laws and regulations in place for the construction of buildings and/or structures.  The Township of Lake of Bays is responsible for overseeing the Ontario Building Code Act and the regulations for the construction, demolition, maintenance and safety of buildings and other structures.  The Township ensures that anyone building a structure meets structural, fire, land use, and safety requirements for the general protection of you and your neighbours.


When do I need a Building Permit?

You need a permit if you…

  • Construct any new building (i.e. new single family dwelling, garage, shed etc)
  • Construct a foundation
  • Install a structure such as a mobile home on your property
  • Repair or add to a building, including porches or decks
  • Add a chimney, woodstove or fireplace
  • Install an above ground pool or in-ground pool
  • Install weeping tiles
  • Install siding or re-bricking
  • Finish a basement
  • Move a building onto a property

If plumbing work is proposed, a separate plumbing permit is required.


When do I need a Septic Permit?

You need a permit if you are installed or replacing a septic system including tanks, distribution pipe, filter medium, Class 2, 3, 4, 5 systems.


When is a Demolition Permit required?

A demolition permit is required before you take down all or part of a building.  The process is much the same as for a building permit, however, your application may be affected by special situations.  For example, if a building has historical or architectural significance, it may be designated as a heritage building under the Ontario Heritage Act.  Demolition will require the municipal council’s approval in your area.


When is a Permit not required?

You do not need a permit if you …

  • Do non-structural work such as : eaves trough, kitchen cupboards, landscaping driveways, or sidewalks.
  • Window and door replacement, provided openings are not enlarged or decreased.
  • Proposed free standing structure is under 108 square feet (however, zoning regulations apply)
  • Replace plumbing fixtures

        (If your proposed project does not fall under "when a permit is or is not required" please contact the building department. 

       This web page is a guideline; the Ontario Building Code supersedes anything on this webpage.)


What information is required when applying for a Building Permit?

All of sections A to H completed on the ministry’s application;

  • Schedule 1 Designer Information - to be completed and signed by all designers in the areas that they design as per section 2.17.4. and 2.17.5 (example: home owners, septic designers, septic installers that do their own design, heating and plumbing designers, structural and architectural designers unless exempt);
  • Schedule 2 Sewage System Installer Information - design calculations for the septic system;
  • Applicable law attachments; including but not limited to  Local Fire Department, Health Unit, Hydro, Committee of Adjustment, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Fisheries and Oceans
  • The Site Plan - showing lot lines with measurements, lot coverage, all existing and proposed buildings, including septic systems, setbacks, easements and access routes;
  • Floor Plans - if engineered must state size, material and manufacturer to be used;
  • Foundation Plans - if engineered (ICF) must have specifications and backfill height;
  • Framing Plans;
  • Roof Plans - if using trusses we must have truss manufacture layout design with design loads;
  • Sections & Details;
  • Building Elevations;
  • Electrical Drawings - showing all lighting, switches, smoke and CO2 detectors;
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Drawings (duct design) - with Heat Gain Loss Calculations;
  • Plumbing Drawings;
  • Sewage System Design and Plans (including cross-section).


What other things to I need ?

Development Permit for any work within the Shore Line Activity Area. 


What can you do if your application is turned down?

If building code issues cannot be resolved, you may write to the two following agencies detailing the reasons for your appeal:

The Building Code Commission - hears appeals dealing with problems related to technical requirements of the Ontario Building Code.

The Building Materials Evaluation Commission -hears appeals for problems related to construction techniques or materials.

Both Commissions can be reached care of the Housing Development and Building Branch of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, 777 Bay Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2E5 or by telephone at 1-416-858-6666

If Planning Act issues cannot be resolved, you may need to apply for the following planning approvals through the Township’s Planning Department:

  • Development Permit
  • Rezoning
  • Variance
  • Lot Severance


Where do I go for the permit?

Township of Lake of Bays Municipal Office

1012 Dwight Beach Road

Dwight, ON  P0A 1H0

Web page:​

       Telephone:   1-705-635-2272

       Fax:               1-705-635-2132

The builder/contractor and/or property owner is responsible for obtaining the permit.  Make sure the permit is posted and the approved plans are kept on the job site.


What if I don't have a permit?

No construction, alteration or conversion shall occur until a building permit is applied for and issued.  Starting construction without a permit is illegal and is a Provincial Offence under the Ontario Building Code Act and charges may be laid.  You may have to apply for a completion permit to which the permit fees are double, or the structure may be order removed by way of court order.


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