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Elections 2010



Welcome to the Township of Lake of Bays Elections web page.  This page is designed to provide candidates and voters with up-to-date information on the election process.

October 25th, 2010 is voting day, a day which provides you, as a seasonal or permanent resident, with the opportunity to vote for Council and School Board representatives in the Township of Lake of Bays.   


VOTE BY MAIL                        

The Township of Lake of Bays is conducting the election in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, and has chosen to use an alternative voting method, S.42 (1)(b), which involves the use of a mail-in ballot.

Procedures and forms have been developed for this procedure, as required by S.42(3)(a)(ii), and will be revised as is necessary.




One to be elected at large

District and Ward Councillor

Franklin/Sinclair District Councillor - One to be elected

Ridout/McLean District Councillor - One to be elected

Ward Councillor

Franklin Ward - One to be elected

Sinclair Ward - One to be elected

Ridout Ward - One to be elected

McLean Ward - One to be elected

Positions for District School Board Representatives

English Language Public

English Language Separate

French Language Separate Public

French Language Public


Should you have further questions, please contact the Clerk's Department at 1-877-566-0005 or 705-635-2272.

Please note:  Contents of this page are for guideline purposes only.  For more specific information please refer to the Elections Act, 1996.



Financial Statements
Compliance Audit Committee
Certificate of Election Results
Certified List of Candidates
Candidate's Guide
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What's New in 2010
Accessible Elections
Key Dates
Who is Running
Candidate Qualifications
Nomination Process
Voter Qualifications
Voter Identification
Municipal Enumeration


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