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Fire Department - Ontario Fire Code

In general, the regulation contained in the Ontario Fire Code addresses four fire safety issues:

• Fire separation for each dwelling unit

• Means of escape from each dwelling unit

• Smoke alarms

• Electrical safety

The owner has three options for compliance with the fire separation for dwelling units. Four options are provided for compliance with the means of escape from each dwelling unit.

Depending on the option selected for fire separation and means of escape, it may be necessary to install electrically wired, interconnected smoke alarms throughout the house. Where interconnected smoke alarms are not installed, every dwelling unit must be equipped with a battery operated or electrically wired smoke alarm on every level that contains a bedroom or sleeping area.

The owner is responsible for complying with the provisions of the Ontario Fire Code. You can read more about the provisions of the Ontario Fire Code by visiting the web site of the (Ontario) Office of the Fire Marshal at: or go directly to the entire Ontario Fire Code at:

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