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Strategic Plan


What is a “strategic plan”?

A strategic plan helps an organization or township identify its priorities.  Think of it as a road map for the future.  It describes the kind of future the residents of the township want to see.  It outlines where efforts should be focused and what needs to be done to start moving in the direction of the preferred future.  These aspects of a strategic plan are often referred to as a “vision” and “strategies”. 

Council will use the Strategic Plan to guide their decisions about how to spend our tax dollars over the next five years.  Township staff will use it to guide their planning decisions so that their day to day actions reflect what residents want to see.  As well, when the whole township is following the same road map, it helps community organizations decide how to focus their time and energy so that we’re all ‘pulling in the same direction’.


Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Between May and August 2009 hundreds of citizens of the Township of Lake of Bays re-affirmed the Township’s Vision and crafted seven Strategies to work on together as a community.  The Township Council officially adopted the new Community-Based Strategic Plan on October 13th, 2009 and committed to ensuring that it will guide their actions and decisions in the years to come.   The Council invites the whole community to work together on the strategies.  The first community action-planning day took place on October 16th, 2009 at the Dwight Community Centre.

Click below to access all the pieces of the Strategic Plan Report:

               Executive Summary

               Community-Based Strategic Plan

               Appendix 1 - Strategy Workshops

               Appendix 2 - Detailed Comments From The Public Meetings

               Appendix 3 - Detailed Comments From Questionnaires

               Appendix 4 - Evaluation Comments

               Appendix 5 - Meeting Notes From August 6th Meeting


Community Demographic Profile:

This demographic profile has been compiled as part of the community-based strategic planning  work of the Lake of Bays Township.  Due to the size of the  document, it is provided in three sections:


    Profile Document



Press releases:


Project Advisory Group   

Special thank you to the Project Advisory Group (PAG) volunteers who assisted the facilitators in developing a community consultation process with the goal that

  • every citizen of Lake of Bays Township is able to say, "I had ample opportunity to give my input about my community's future", and
  • those who provided input are able to say, "My ideas were valued, had an impact, and it was a good use of my time". 

PAG members were instrumental in getting the message out to people across the Township. 

Thank you to

                                                  Deb Cumming       Herb Hickling

                                                   Kelly Haywood       Fred Landry

                                                   Marie Poirier           Virginia Burgess

The project advisory group are looking for other inspired community members to join them in coming up with ways to implement the strategic plan.  If you have an interest in seeing the Vision and Strategies for Lake of Bays Township become reality, volunteer to join one of the strategy teams.  



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