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Water Access Points


Fire Regulations under the Fires By-law # 00-44


Camping Regulations under the Public Parks By-law #11-80


* Residents and visitors are reminded to ensure their vessels are properly washed to protect against the spread of invasive species (e.g. zebra mussels).


*Visitors are reminded to park in designated parking areas only.



(McLean Ward)


(Ridout Ward)

Arena Beach

Baysville Docks (East)

Baysville Docks (West)

Baysville Riverfront

Dickie Lake

Echo Lake

Fairy Falls

Heney Lake Road Park

Moot Lake

North Road

Dorset Docks

Chimney Park

Glenmount Dock

Grindstone - Owned by MNR

Margaret Lake - Owned by MNR

Norway Point Park

Paint Lake

Rabbit Bay

Raven Lake - Owned by MNR

Ril Lake

Shoe Lake


(Franklin Ward)


(Sinclair Ward)

Dwight Beach


Port Cunnington

South Portage

Wolf Bay

Bella Lake

South Tasso Lake (Blue Lake)

Camp Lake

Dotty Lake

Hillside Beach

Solitaire Lake - Owned by MNR

Tasso Lake - Owned by MNR

Toad Lake - Owned by MNR

Walker Lake

West Oxbow - Owned by MNR


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