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About the Volkssport Trail Rating System


NEW FEDERATION TRAIL RATING GUIDELINES: The following two-part rating system was designed to indicate to Volkssporters an estimation of the difficulty of a trail for an IVV sanctioned walk in Canada. The sponsoring Federation member would decide what rating to assign the trail(s). The first part uses a number to refer to the difficulty of the incline while the second part uses a letter to refer to the nature of the terrain.


Part 1 - INCLINE Part 2 - TERRAIN
1. very little hill or stair climbing A. almost entirely on pavement, probably suitable for baby stroller
2. some moderate hill or stair climbing B. a significant part of the walk takes place on well-groomed trails with very little more difficult terrain
3. some significant hill or stair climbing C. a significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths)
4. a good deal of significant hill or stair climbing D. a significant part of the walk takes place on a very difficult terrain
5. many steep hills or high altitude trails E. the majority of the walk takes place on very difficult terrain


The Canadian Volkssport Federation/La Federation Canadienne Volkssport (CVF/FCV) promotes non-competitive participation in walking and other recreational activities for fun, fitness and friendship. For more information visit the Canadian Volkssport website:

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