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Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Committee

The Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Committee has been place in abeyance by Council until further notice.

The purpose of the Parks, Recreation and Trails Committee is to provide recommendations to the Council on municipal parks, recreation facilities and trails.  It will be responsible for the development of strategic policy direction for acquisition, disposition and development of recreational properties.  The Committee will also undertake a review of current operations and make recommendations for improvements thereof.  In addition, the Committee should also identify opportunities for partnerships to accomplish the above objectives.


The work plan for this committee will include:

  1. Directing a project to establish a Parkland Policy Master Plan, a strategic plan to sustain and enhance the parks and recreational facilities of the municipality, including public water access points and trails;
  2. Establishing criteria for allocation of funds from the Parks Reserve Fund;
  3. Reviewing and recommending, as appropriate, requests from community groups for funding of projects on municipal property for recreation facilities and parks;
  4. Identifying alternative funding opportunities for capital expenditures regarding municipal recreational facilities;
  5. Undertaking a review of operational and maintenance issues for municipal recreational facilities; and
  6. Identifying and networking with potential partners whose interests and areas of responsibility are consistent with the mandate of this committee.


The Parks, Recreation and Trails Committee shall consist of six members including:

  • Two (2) Councillors;
  • Five (5) volunteer members from the municipality; and
  • Mayor will be ex-officio member.

The five (5) volunteer members will be residents of the municipality and will have:

  • Demonstrated interest in parks, recreation and trails;
  • Willingness to meet the potential time and work commitments;
  • Knowledge and familiarity of the recreational needs and interest of municipal residents (permanent and seasonal, young and old, etc.) as well as the interests of visitors and tourists to the communities situated within the municipality.
  • Understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the municipality with respect to its parks and recreational facilities; and
  • Geographical and age representation throughout the municipality.

          Members of the Committee are as follows:

In Abeyance In Abeyance


  • The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Lake of Bays shall appoint all members and the Chair of the Committee based on the qualifications of the applicants and the needs.
  • The term of appointment will coincide with the four-year term of Council until November 30, 2010.
  • Members will be required to attend all committee meetings on a regular basis.  Members will prepare effectively for, and participate in all committee responsibilities.  If members ar
  • unable to fulfill these requirements, Council may appoint replacements.
  • Municipal staff and consultants, if necessary will assist the Parks, Recreation and Trails Committee in fulfilling its mandate.


  • The Committee will appoint a Vice Chair who will be responsible for chairing a meeting in the absence of the Chair.
  • It is anticipated that meetings will be scheduled approximately once a month.  Meeting may be held at the discretion of the Chair.
  • The Chair will be responsible for ensuring adequate notice to members of upcoming meetings and agendas.  Members will notify the Chair if they are unable to attend.
  • Discussion by the committee will seek to achieve consensus whenever possible.  Recommendations to Council will be clear and confirmed by the passing of a resolution at the meeting.
  • Minutes will be reviewed by the Committee, approved by the Council and made available to the public.
  • Municipal staff will be available with notice, when required, as resource persons to the Committee.
  • Meetings may be held at various locations within the municipality to acquaint members with the various recreation facilities and to ensure equitable traveling time for members.



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