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SFD/Cottages/Additions and Non-Residential Permit

Single Family Dwelling (SFD)/Cottage/Additions and Non-Residential Permit:

The following items are required and form part of a complete application:

1.  Completed applications take 10 business days to review, process and issue.

2.  A Township of Lake of Bays' building permit application fully completed including Roll Number.

3.  You will be required to submit the following plans:

  • Site plan showing all structures, proposed structures, wells, and septic system, with dimension and & setbacks;
  • Building plans (2 sets of each) including:

4.  Ensure that the "Schedule 1:  Designer Information" is completed by each individual who has completed any of the above noted designs, ie: plumbing, heating, floor plans, etc.  If the home owner is the designer they must complete a Schedule 1.

5.  If you are doing any new construction or additions to an existing structure within the shoreline activity area you will require a Development Permit;  (see lot coverage calculation sheet).  If you are unsure whether you require a development permit call the Planning Department or drop into the office with proposed construction plans and we will guide you the rest of the way.  For further information the Development Permit process please visit the Township website.

    6.  Other useful construction guides:

    7.  Permit Fees -

    Please Note:  Should you have any difficulties calculating the permit fee call into our office or drop by the Township office with your building proposal and we will have a preliminary review of your application and calculate the appropriate fees.

    8.  The performance level of a septic system must be evaluated if one or more of the following are proposed:

    • Adding bedrooms;
    • Adding fixtures; or
    • Increasing floor area by 15% or greater
    • The daily design flow of the septic system must meet Division B of the Ontario Building Code.

    If applicable, please refer to the septic application information below.

    9.  Cottage Declaration signed by the property owner - if applicable. Compliance Options

    (2)  The energy efficiency of a building or part of a building of residential occupancy that is within the scope of Part 9 of Division B in the Building Code and is intended for occupancy on a continuing basis during the winter months shall comply with:

    (a)  Subsection 2.1.1 (Prescriptive Compliance Packages) of Chapter 2,

    (b)  Subsection 2.1.2 (Performance Compliance) of Chapter 2, or

    (c)  Subsection 2.1.3 (Other Acceptable Compliance Methods) of Chapter 2.

    10. Completed Energy Efficiency Design Summary.  Please note that the Energy Efficiency Installation Summary is required at the time of the Final inspection.

    11.  Check List:  Is your application complete?

    12.  Occupancy Requirements

    13. Have any questions please contact our office.  Our office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  Inspections are completed in the morning and Inspectors are available for consultation in the afternoons.

    NOTE:  The Building Department review is to ensure that they meet Ontario Building Codes, Municipal By-law and other applicable law.  If the project requires a septic approval, the building permit will not be issued until such approval is granted.

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