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Accessory Structures, Foundation Repair, Foundation Drainage or Demolition

Accessory Structures, Foundation Repair, Foundation Drainage or Demolition:

The following items are required and form part of a complete application:

1.  If you are doing any new construction or additions to an existing structure within the shoreline activity area, a Development Permit may be required;

2.  A Township of Lake of Bays' building permit application  fully completed including Roll Number.

3.  If you are not the owner you will need a Letter of Authorization (Schedule 3) - for demolitions.

4.  You will be required to submit the following plans:

5.  If you are building a deck or garage/shed yourself you may want to check out these construction guides:

6.  Ensure that the "Schedule 1:  Designer Information" is completed by each individual who has completed any of the above noted designs, ie: plumbing, heating, floor plans, etc.  If the home owner is the designer they must complete a Schedule 1.

7.  Permit Fees -

8.  The performance level of a septic system must be evaluated if one or more of the following are proposed:

  • Adding bedrooms;
  • Adding fixtures; or
  • Increasing floor area by 15% or greater
  • The daily design flow of the septic system must meet Division B of the Ontario Building Code.

If applicable, please refer to the septic application information below.

9.  Check List:  Is your application complete?

10.  Have any questions please contact our office.  Our office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  Inspections are completed in the morning and Inspectors are available for consultation in the afternoons. 

NOTE:  The Building Department review is to ensure that they meet Ontario Building Codes, Municipal By-law and other applicable law.  If the project requires a septic approval, the building permit will not be issued until such approval is granted.

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