By-law Services

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Our process

Our process starts after we receive your formal complaint. We confirm the information in the report, and then visit the site of the complaint to address any alleged violations. We provide information on the by-law or proceed with enforcement measures in order to gain compliance.

Enforcement measures

Enforcement measures may include any one of the following, leading up to charges:

  • Warning
  • Ticket
  • Notice
  • Order
  • Work completed at the expense of the landowner

Policies and procedures

We try to balance the needs of everyone involved in each complaint. Following the Township's Enforcement Policy, we provide quick and courteous responses to your concerns. We conduct a thorough investigation and work towards resolution of formal complaints under the by-laws.

formal policy and procedure governs how staff responds to a request for service as it relates to by-law enforcement.

Freedom of information

Upholding confidentiality and due process are part of the officer's procedures. For information on the collection and holding of personal information, refer to Freedom of Information.

By-law enforcement services

By-law Enforcement Services enforces the Township's by-laws. Council appoints our officers. The officer works under the direction of the Director of Building and By-law Services. We represent and address your concerns through education or appropriate enforcement measures across the Township.

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