Community-based Strategic Plan

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The Community-based Strategic Plan identifies priorities and provides a road map for the future of the Township of Lake of Bays.


The strategic plan defines the Township's vision and identifies seven strategies to work on together as a community. The strategic plan was approved by Council on October 13, 2009.  

Vision statement

"The residents of the Township of Lake of Bays will nurture and sustain clean water, fresh air, natural shorelines, healthy forests and wetlands that will be the pride of the province. We will offer an outstanding combination of economic opportunity, peaceful living and recreation. This is our dream and legacy for our grandchildren's children.”

We value

  • Responsible leadership
  • A healthy sustainable natural environment
  • A sound economy
  • Quality of life for all
  • The allure of our surroundings
  • Our heritage


  • Engage and communicate openly with the community
  • Develop a sustainable local economy that supports our vision
  • Ensure sound, innovative, transparent financial planning
  • Develop long-term land and community plans that are balanced and adaptive
  • Protect, preserve and promote our healthy natural environment
  • Work in collaborative partnerships
  • Develop our capacity to provide social services



We gratefully acknowledge the Project Advisory Group for their guidance:

  • Deb Cumming
  • Kelly Haywood
  • Herb Hickling
  • Fred Landry
  • Marie Poirier
  • Virginia Burgess (Council rep)

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