Business Spotlight: Muskoka Hydrovac pivots to expand services and invest in the local economy.

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Muskoka Hydrovac offers specialized excavation services. They dig where an excavator can't! This includes near utilities, under buildings, inside dug wells, steep hills and underwater. 2020 was a challenge as many large projects were cancelled, but Muskoka Hydrovac turned their focus to developing new equipment and processes to expand the services they offer.

Last year, Muskoka Hydrovac invested heavily to explore new technologies. This included a new prototype platform for dredging boathouses, new devices for cleaning out culverts under roadways, and other improvements. Looking forward in 2021, they plan to continue to invest in research and development to find local solutions that comply with new Excess Soil legislation from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change regulations.

Muskoka Hydrovac is proud of their commitment to invest in the local economy and in their employees. Their investment into research and development filtered down into the local economy by engaging businesses that supply components, fabrication, and machining capabilities. With a mandate to bring well paying jobs and skills to Muskoka, Muskoka Hydrovac provides wages that are twice-minimum wage and offers specialized career skills.

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