Business Spotlight: Prairie Boy Muskoka

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Prairie Boy brings its bread to Muskoka!

Owners Grant MacPherson and Lainie Knox recently opened Prairie Boy Bread in Dorset. The bakery serves organic sourdough bread, espresso, baked goods and gift items, all in a charming shop with porthole windows beside the Lake of Bays Marine Museum. The list of wonderful items to savour is long, but Lainie sums it up most succinctly: “We make the best bread and sell delicious things to go with it!”

Prior to the opening of a retail shop on College Street in Toronto, Prairie Boy Bread started as a wholesale retailer and farmers’ market favourite. When it came to a second location, Grant and Lainie gravitated to Muskoka where they could spend more time in nature with their young son. After considering the options, they chose Dorset in the Township of Lake of Bays.     

“We checked out a few places in the area and Dorset has something special that resonates with us. The town feels loved and cared for and you can feel that when you are here. The community is vibrant, active and healthy. We were in the right place at the right time.”

Prairie Boy’s main product is 100% organic sourdough bread made with local flour. Using traditional baking methods, they attribute the quality of the loaf to three factors: Fresh stone milled flour, high water content and a long fermentation process. Recognizing the centrality of bread and bread making in the development of human civilization, at Prairie Boy, the goal is simple: “We want people to eat the best bread.”

Strong supporters of organic and sustainable agriculture, Grant and Lainie strive to connect people with real food. Focusing on local products and using organic ingredients whenever possible, they aim to highlight the best Ontario has to offer from jam, honey and coffee to meats and cheeses. “Everything in the shop is small batch, mostly locally grown, made from scratch, by hand, using the highest quality ingredients.” Lainie acknowledges that it takes time to convince people to pay a little more in order to get the best ingredients and therefore a better product, but when “they can taste the difference and quality,” they understand it’s worth it.

With a smart, passionate and caring staff, the first season is off to a great start.

“The town and cottagers have been very supportive and we have been really welcomed by the other local businesses. It has been really wonderful to become a part of this special and beautiful community.”

Next time you’re in Dorset, follow the aroma of fresh bread to Prairie Boy’s cheerful space and check it out for yourself!    

Prairie Boy Muskoka

1090 Main Street, Dorset


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