Business Spotlight: Strong. Passionate. Inclusive. Meet the Baysville BarBelles!

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Coach Tara Kruusi & The Baysville Barbelles are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Tara is an ISSA Certified personal trainer/fitness instructor and Certified nutrition coach. She offers nutrition/weight loss coaching, personal training, and strength training classes. The BarBelles were voted #1 in Muskoka in 2019 for weight loss services and Tara is proud to be the Baysville coach!

Tara strongly believes that regular exercise is very beneficial to our health, both physical and mental. She is dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Her classes focus on gaining strength and mobility through the use of free weights, barbells, plyometrics, body weight and resistance. Tara has clients ranging in age from 15 to over 65 and all activities can be modified to fit any skill level or injury. The Baysville Barbelles make fitness fun and informative!

For more information about how to build strong muscle and gain functional strength with team Baysville BarBelles contact Tara at or 705-783-9610.

*Covid protocols in place to keep all equipment clean and to keep all participants distanced.

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