Business Spotlight: Tooketree Passive Homes builds homes that are healthy for your family and for the planet.

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Tooketree Passive Homes was founded in 2018 with the goal of building high-performance homes that help mitigate and adapt to climate change. In their factory in Baysville they manufacture prefabricated wall systems that can be installed on-site in a matter of days. Their S.E.E.D (Sustainable, Ecological, Efficient, Durable) approach creates homes that are energy-efficient and sustainable. Constructed with locally sourced, natural building materials, a Tooketree home stays a moderate, comfortable temperature in all seasons, is well-suited to those with allergies and other environmental sensitivities, and reduces energy costs.

Melinda Zytaruk, CEO/President and her father Rick Zytaruk, CFO are committed to developing solutions to offer homes that are both environmentally conscious and financially attainable. With a passion for innovation and progress in the building industry, they build homes at the speed and cost of conventional pre-fab models, but that are better for the health of the earth and the people who live in them. S.E.E.D panels are also available to builders interested in improving the quality and speed of their projects. To learn more visit

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