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Health Hub

The Dorset Health Hub is a community facility that focuses on primary and preventative health care.

The Hub provides services to two groups of clients; registered and non-registered patients. Registered patients are full time patients with the Hub and the Hub is their sole primary care provider. These patients receive care for episodic illnesses (i.e., infections, minor abrasions, flu, etc.), primary/preventative care, chronic disease management, referrals to specialists and health education/ programs.

The Hub also provides some care for non-registered patients. These patients are visitors or seasonal residents who have a primary provider elsewhere. Non-registered patients can receive care for episodic illness only. Examples include: bug bites, rashes, infections, cuts, scrapes etc. This type of care is available when a non-registered patient is unable to see their family doctor or nurse practitioner. If you have a local doctor or nurse practitioner please call their office for your health care needs. The Hub cannot provide care for any ongoing or chronic issues for non-registered patients.

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