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Online Terms of Use


The information displayed on the Township of Lake of Bays website is used for an "as is" available source.  All of the information and links are disclaimed. The information may include errors, limitations or other problems. The Township of Lake of Bays is not responsible for any problems or damages that occur directly or indirectly with the use of this website. All responsibility and liability for any damages caused by viruses which may become embedded within the electronic files of this site are disclaimed.

We reserve the right to edit, delete, modify, vet and/or change any material sent or posted to this website in whole or in part without notice.

Privacy Statement

The Township of Lake of Bays is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our site. We have taken appropriate measures to protect and ensure the privacy of any personal information you provide. The Municipality is subject to the provisions of the Municipal of Freedom of Information and Protection Act (MFIPPA).

The Township of Lake of Bays will not, under any circumstances, use any information provided by visitors for any purpose inconsistent with the purpose for which the information was provided, as stated on the web page as well as inconsistent with the provisions of MFIPPA.

Terms of Use

Every effort is made to ensure the information on the Township of Lake of Bays website is timely and accurate however, due to circumstances beyond our control, information and dates are subject to change without notice.

The Township of Lake of Bays offers no guarantee regarding the accuracy of the information on these pages.  All such documents are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind and the Municipality does not make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the materials on this web site.  The Township of Lake of Bays hereby disclaims all representations and warranties.

Links to Third Party Sites

This type of link usually opens a new browser window.  The Township of Lake of Bays is providing these links to you only as a convenience and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by the Municipality or can we be held responsible in anyway for the content found on any third party web site.

Social Media Terms of Use

The Township of Lake of Bays recognizes that social media platforms are important for communicating and engaging with residents. By visiting, contacting or contributing to any of our social media channels, the user agrees to the following Terms of Use. Social media providers also have their own Terms of Use which should be carefully reviewed and which the user is subject to.

Please also see the social media provider’s Terms of Use for their minimum age requirements. If you are under the age of 18, the Township requires that you have your parent or legal guardian review and accept these terms on your behalf, as a condition of visiting and contributing to Township social media.


The Township reserves the right to delete comments and/or block users that engage in inappropriate conduct including but not limited to the following:

  • Comments not respectful of other users on social media, or made in breach of confidence
  • Posting, encouraging, or encouraging others to post any messages or materials that are illegal, fraudulent, dangerous, violent, abusive, harassing, defamatory, sexual, offensive, libellous, hateful, incite hatred or violence, are discriminatory based on a protected ground in the Ontario Human Rights Code, compromise public safety, or encourage same, including encouraging any illegal activities such as defamation, fraud, breaching privacy, copyright, or intellectual property rights
  • Messages containing or leading to spam, a virus or malware, or posted for commercial purposes including advertisement, endorsement, selling or soliciting
  • Impersonating or falsely claiming to represent another party. Posting or spreading misinformation or misleading information
  • Failing to protect others’ privacy. Unless the user has a person’s consent to do so, a user should not post the personal information of another, including but not limited to:
    • Name, address, email address, phone number
    • Identifying particulars such as a picture of someone’s face
    • Criminal, health, employment, financial or other similar natured information
    • Identifying numbers

Intellectual Property & Personal Information

Infringing on the intellectual property rights and copyrights of others, including failing to obtain the necessary permissions, licensing for the disclosure and/or usage of another’s representations, comments or information.

You agree that you shall comply with these terms and all applicable laws, and you are not barred from these services under the laws of Ontario or Canada. The Township may not respond to posts that violate any of these rules and we may notify the social media provider of your violation.

Any person who accesses any social media channels associated with the Township, is personally responsible and liable for his or her own actions and/or information they post or provide. This includes but is not limited to any collection, usage, or disclosure of the personal information or copyright of other parties without proper consents and in violation of the law. The Township shall not be responsible or held liable. By copying or distributing material on Township social media channels, the user represents that it has obtained all consents and complied with all laws necessary.

The Township shall hold the user fully responsible for any suit, claim, demand, charge, action, expense, cost (including legal fees) or cause of action brought against the Township by whomsoever in respect of any injury, damage or loss to person or property caused by or arising from, or in any way connected with the user’s usage and/or conduct on a social media channel associated with the Township.

The Township is not responsible or liable for any personal information or other information posted on public social media channels. All personal information posted is considered a record available to the general public in accordance with section 27 of The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“MFIPPA”). The Township may collect such information if authorized by statute, for the purposes of law enforcement, or when necessary for the proper administration of a lawfully authorized activity in accordance with subsection 28(2) of MFIPPA, and under the authority of section 11(1) and 227(c) of the Municipal Act.


Be advised that social media platforms may contain a range of opinions and information which may not be accurate, complete, or current. Any use or reliance on any information shall be at your sole risk and should be verified by you before relying on it. The Township is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any material or information. The views expressed by users or others are their own and the Township does not endorse or make any warranty, express or implied, as to any material found on social media. The Township shall also assume no responsibility or liability for the security of any information posted and such information may not be secure as third parties, including organizations outside of Canada, may be able to obtain and store it.

The Township may follow, retweet, or share content from the social media accounts of its partners or stakeholders. Being followed or liked by the Township does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Township social media accounts are intended to provide helpful information and resources. However, any information or response from the Township should not be considered definitive advice.

Our social media accounts will be monitored during regular business hours, during which time Township staff will attempt to respond to your questions or comments. However, depending on number of posts received, we cannot commit to responding to everyone.

This Terms of Service is subject to change without notice.

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