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Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee, consisting of Council members and volunteers from our community, advises Council on matters of preserving and maintaining built and natural heritage features within the Township. We help keep local history alive!

  • Researching heritage properties
  • Preparing designation reports for Council's consideration
  • Nominating and adding heritage properties to our inventory of non-designated listed properties
  • Assisting property owners with information about renovations and current heritage programs

The Heritage Advisory Committee typically meets the last Tuesday of every other month at 2:00 p.m.

This committee works within the guidelines of the Ontario Heritage Act and according to its Terms of Reference.

For Agendas and Minutes, please visit our Agendas, Minutes, and Meetings page. 

  • Rebecca Krawczyk
  • Glenn Vickery 
  • Steve Lodge
  • Mary Lodge
  • Judy Vanclieaf
  • Councillor Nancy Tapley (Chair)
  • Councillor Jacqueline Godard (Co-Chair)
  • Mayor Terry Glover (ex officio)

The Township of Lake of Bays is seeking public representation for our Heritage Advisory Committee. Interested in becoming a member? Contact our Corporate Services Department and we would be happy to provide you with the application details.

The Ontario Heritage Act requires municipalities to maintain a register of property that is of cultural heritage value or interest. The Heritage Register includes designated and non-designated “listed” properties.

Designation Process:

Under the Ontario Heritage Act, the Heritage Advisory Committee is tasked with identifying, protecting and promoting cultural heritage resources in the community. There are many myths and misconceptions about designation, and the Committee makes every effort to ensure that the property owner is a key player in the designation process. Designation provides owners with a way to express pride in their property and ensure that it is protected for the future.

There are six (6) key steps in designating a property under section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act:

1. Identifying the property as a candidate for designation.

The owner may submit a letter to the Corporate Services Department outlining why the property contains historical and/or cultural significance. Please include any information that may assist the Heritage Advisory Committee.  

2. Researching and evaluating the property.

The first two (2) steps are completed by the Heritage Advisory Committee, followed by a report to Council recommending that the property be designated. Upon Council approval, the next steps of the designation process are initiated:

3. Serving "Notice of Intention to Designate", with an opportunity for objection

4. Passing and registering the designation by-law.

5. Listing the property on the Township's Heritage Register.

6. Listing the property on the provincial register.

For more information, check out the Ontario Heritage Tool Kit for Designating Heritage Properties or view the Heritage Advisory Committee's newsletter outlining the benefits to designating your property.

Designation is a great way to increase public awareness and appreciation of your heritage property. Please contact the Corporate Services Department if you are interested about designating your heritage property and would like more information.

Ruth Martin Papers:

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From 1904 to 1959, in northeast Muskoka, the little Portage Flyer steam train chugged back and forth between two lakes along "the smallest commercially operated railway in the world." This book describes the efforts of the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society to put the historic train "back on track" in Muskoka as a live demonstration of the bygone era of the steam railway.

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