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Barnaby Lodge

1206-2 Dwight Beach Road, Dwight, Ontario Canada


The cultural heritage value of Barnaby Lodge is associated to the arrival of one of the original settlers of Dwight, Reverend William Alexander (W.A.) Stewart in 1883. Reverend W.A. Stewart was Dwight’s first Baptist minister and founder of Dwight’s first church, the landmark Stewart Memorial Church. As the Stewart family grew, Barnaby Lodge was one of nine cottages that were built to accommodate the family descendants and guests.
Barnaby Lodge, built in 1922, demonstrates contextual value as it was designed with barn architecture in mind, including the signature barn-style doors at the front of the cottage, which were originally painted red and now are brown. Originally built as a location for the teaching of ballroom dancing to the many Stewart boys, it was soon enlarged to hold members of the family.
The vernacular style of construction is reflected in the design and craftsmanship of the cobblestone chimney and fireplace. Uniquely, the fireplace was hand built with pink mortar in the front and blue mortar in the back.
Barnaby Lodge is symbolic of the hospitality and spirit the Stewart family has possessed through the generations and has a sense of timelessness with its dark stained walls lined with inset bookshelves. Today, Barnaby remains eclectic in nature, design and contents that embody much of the Stewart family history.
Designated on October 12, 2010

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1206-2 Dwight Beach Road
Dwight, Ontario
P0A 1H0
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