Heritage Register

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 Collage of heritage buildings in the Township


 Designated Properties 

Designated Properties that are of cultural heritage value or interest have been designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. Designation increases public awareness and recognition of the heritage property as well as guides the preservation and maintenance of the heritage attributes.

For more details, check out the designated properties below or visit the interactive mapMap showing locations of designated properties.

Non-Designated "Listed" Properties
This register includes properties that have not been designated but that the municipality believes to be of cultural heritage value or interest.
  • Bain
  • Burton Bed & Breakfast
  • Gilmore Office
  • Hillside United Church
  • Lehman Emberson
  • Seabreeze Methodist
  • St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church
  • St. Ambrose Church
  • Stewart Memorial United Church
  • Vesle Skaugum (Camp Olympia)

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