Short-term Rentals

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Short-Term Rentals Licencing Program

Effective January 1, 2022, a Short-Term Rentals Licence will be required within the Township of Lake of Bays.

To permit Short-term Rentals and provide guidelines for such things as their location and set-back from lot lines, Council approved By-law 2021-076 as an Amendment to Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2004-181, and By-law 2021-077 as an Amendment to Development Permit By-law 2004-180 on July 27, 2021.

To allow for the licencing and regulating of Short-term Rentals in the Township, Council approved Short-term Rentals Licencing By-law 2021-092 on September 14, 2021.

 Application Process

  • Complete application form online or download and send into the Township office via email, online, mail or in person.
  • To understand which class your short-term rental property is under, please review the below chart:

Chart of STR Classes

  • Payment of fees to be included at the time of application via e-transfer, cheque, or cash.
  • Proof of Premises Ownership OR provided signed authorization form If NOT the Owner.
  • Site Plan
    • Copy of a survey is preferable. However, a hand drawn site plan can be submitted provided that the plan is accurate and to scale, including all buildings and structures (primary dwelling, garages, boathouses, etc.), driveway, parking spaces, septic, and set-backs to lot lines. Please see example.
  • Floor Plan
    • Copy of a floor plan is preferable. However, a hand drawn floor plan can be submitted provided that the plan is accurate and to scale. Include all floor levels, label rooms, fireplace location (if applicable), locations of fire & carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguisher(s) and the location of the information board. Please see example.
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • Copy of Renter’s Code of Conduct and Signed Owner’s/Licencee Acknowledgement form posted on interior of STR premises.
  • Septic System information (as required by STR Class).
  • Name and contact information of the Owner or Owner’s Agent (Responsible Person).
  • Proof that the Applicant is at least eighteen (18) years of age, if the Applicant is an individual.
  • Proof that the Applicant, if a Corporation, is legally entitled to conduct business in Ontario.
  • For renewal, applicants will be required to provide proof of previous Licence.

Apply for a Licence

Please complete the Short-Term Rental Application Form online or download and send into the Township office via email, online, mail or in person.

Issued Short Term Rental Licences

Licence #YearAddressTownEmergency ContactContact Number# BedsValid Until
 001  2022  1027 Ril Cove Rd.  Baysville  Tom Priest  416-726-8449  5  Mar 14, 2023
 005  2022  968 Dickie Lake Rd.  Baysville  Scott Aiery  905-914-3028  2  Mar 25, 2023
 007  2022  4269 Muskoka Rd 117  Baysville  Su / Jey Dason  647-274-1538  4  Mar 26, 2023
 009  2022  1114 McArthur Point Rd.  Baysville  Stephanie Kessler  519-546-2726  3  Mar 26, 2023
 010  2022  1058 Thompson Portage Rd.  Dwight  Linda Thompson  705-635-2404  4  Mar 23, 2023
 016  2022  1297 Burlmarie Rd.  Baysville  Greg Johnson  416-518-0764  4  Mar 28, 2023
 018  2022  1395 South Portage Rd.   Dwight  Jason Rajapakse  519-590-1900  4  Mar 31, 2023
 019  2022  1659 North Portage Rd.  Dwight  Jason Rajapakse  519-590-1900  4  Mar 31, 2023



3445 Hwy 117


Les Sinclair



May 3, 2023

003 2022 1092 Cooper Lake Rd. Dwight Robert Wylie 416-578-5482 2 May 18, 2023
008 2022 1109 Glenmount Rd. Baysville Sue Barker 705-571-1009 4 May 9, 2023
012 2022 1072 Brooks Lake Rd. Dwight Cottage Vacations



after 11pm 289-383-0787

3 May 9, 2023
022 2022 1033 Frost Lane  Dwight Rebecca Wu 416-568-9585 4 April 22, 2023
006 2022 1041 #2 Kells Bay Rd. Baysville Effie Ravitz 647-993-9399 3 June 7, 2023
011 2022 24429 Hwy 35 Dwight Roderick Williams 416-738-9664 5 June 3, 2023
013 2022 1049 Kings Rd. Baysville Craig Hamilton 416-712-7414 3 June 7, 2023
014 2022 1012 Hammond Rd. Baysville Jennifer Hoggard 519-520-0402 3 May 26, 2023
015 2022 1012 Kenny Rd. Dorset Dave Miller 905-719-6641 3 May 31, 2023
020 2022 1036 Truscott Place Baysville Allan McDonald 416-315-4303 3 June 3, 2023
023 2022 1113 East Grandview Lake Rd. Baysville Steve Barcham 705-791-8670 3 May 24, 2023
036 2022 1461 South Portage Rd. Dwight Mariana Cejic 519-671-5055 4 May 25, 2023
021 2022 1006 Gowing Rd. Baysville Brad Jesson 416-414-4486 2 June 10, 2023
024 2022 1648 Fox Point Rd. Dwight Don Waddington 705-787-6556 4 June 13, 2023
031 2022 992 #2 Dickie Lake Rd. Baysville Ken Malhotra 289-404-6124 3 June 25, 2023
034 2022 1074 Grandview Lake Rd. Baysville Claudio Caschera 416-697-1974 3 June 20, 2023
039 2022 1066 Lawson Rd. Baysville Daintry Christink 905-617-9477 4 June 23, 2023
050 2022 1047 Marina Rd. Huntsville Charles Truax 416-319-4865 3 June 22, 2023
026 2022 1037 Longpoint Rd. Dwight Ryan Bowden 416-558-9532 4 June 14, 2023
038 2022 1192 Put in Bay Rd. Huntsville Nazar Derkach 416-879-9149 5 July 4, 2023
044 2022 1010 Grandview Lake Rd. Baysville Nancy Bozek 705-380-0348 3 June 30, 2023
053 2022 1069 Walker Lake Rd. Huntsville Jacqueline Wilson 647-624-5858 2 July 29, 2023
055 2022 1004 Osbourne Pt Rd. Huntsville Wei (Vickie) Xin 705-787-8029 3 June 30, 2023
071 2022 1019 Holding Drive Dwight Paul Brisbin 519-496-3530 3 July 28, 2023
052 2022 1005 Sugarbush Rd. Dwight Mike Sciortino 1-888-384-4545 4 Aug 11, 2023
054 2022 1019 Ril Cove Rd. Baysville Sean Preece 905-691-8347 3 Aug 5, 2023
067 2022 1004 James Point Rd. Baysville Sara Diament 416-558-5330 4 Aug 10, 2023
068 2022 1008 Sharon Crescent Dorset Samantha Jensen 519-841-6163 3 Aug 11, 2023
069 2022 1- 1162 Burlmarie Rd. Baysville Cottage Link Rental Mgt. 1-866-323-6698 4 Aug 5, 2023
084 2022 1028 Kelly Rd. Baysville Richard Cavendish 647-637-8215 4 Aug 5, 2023
029 2022 28-23261 Hwy 35 Dorset Jayne McCaw 705-706-7900 3 Aug 29, 2023
035 2022 1007 Wildcat Lake Rd. Baysville Adrienne Annette 416-543-1737 4 Aug 15, 2023
037 2022 1264 Winder's Bay Rd. Baysville Ryan Russell 705-984-6884 4 Aug 15, 2023
042 2022 1055 E. Grandview Lake Rd. Baysville Daniel Debenedictis 905-579-3774 4 Sept 1, 2023
063 2022 1013 Pleasure Bay Rd. Dwight Balvir Bassi 647-203-8901 3 Aug 26, 2023
077 2022 1397 Port Cunnington Rd. Dwight Daria Lon 416-820-7671 3 Sept 6, 2023

Concerns & Questions

 How do I report a concern? Or request that staff investigate an STR property?

If you have concerns and need to report an issue or a by-law violation please contact:

Host Compliance to complete one of the available forms on their website. 

Phone: (705) 996-5123

 To request staff investigate a suspected STR property, please contact Anne Tapley, STR Coordinator:


Phone: (705) 635-2272 ext. 1245


By-law 2021-076 as an Amendment to Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2004-181

By-law 2021-077 as an Amendment to Development Permit By-law 2004-180

STR Licencing By-law 2021-092

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in getting an STR Licence?
  •  Application & Payment;
  • STR Premises inspection; and
  • Premises documents inspection including licence, codes of conduct and by-laws.
How long will it take to be approved?
Expected timeline to receive a licence is 3 to 6 weeks, but this time may vary based on compliance history, document review, volume of applications, and enforcement.
 What will be done with properties that are renting now without a licence?
 They can continue to operate however they will be required to register for a new licence.
 What happens if I don’t apply for a licence when one is required after Jan. 1, 2022?
You can submit an application any time after January 1, 2022 and you must submit one within 30 days of receiving a letter from the Township.
 What if a current property is being rented that may not qualify for an STR Licence?
  • The property will not be able to continue to operate unless an appeal is made to Council.
  • If the building does not conform to the Township's Zoning or Development Permit by-law, the applicant/owner(s) will need to make an appointment with Planning Services.
 Are all properties allowed to have an STR on them?
  • Properties that are zoned according to By-law 2021-076 & 2021-077, which is an amendment to Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2004-181, are permitted to have an STR licence.
  • A property must allow for the required setback to side and rear lot line, according to By-law 2012-077, which is an amendment to Development Permit By-law 2004-180. Zones are also outlined in an amendment to the Development Permit by-law.
 Even if a property is rented that doesn’t require a licence, will by-laws still be enforced?
Yes, the by-laws that apply to a person’s behaviour or a property’s maintenance are still enforced across the Township regardless of the presence of an STR Licence.
 Is there a maximum number of STR licences allowed by one person or entity?
 How do you determine the classification of STRs? 
 If you don’t meet ALL criteria of a lower class, you are automatically bumped to a higher class. 

Chart of STR Classes

 What if you don’t agree with the Township's decision on your STR Class?
Contact Corporate Services and request to appear as a delegation to Council, providing a written statement to the Township with your request and reasons for the appeal.
 In the application, what is an “Original Shore Road Allowance (OSRA)" referring to?

An Original Shore Road Allowance (OSRA) is a 66-foot wide road allowance around the edges of most lakes, measured back from the shore of the lake across the width of the entirety of each waterfront property.

As a result of comments received from Council and the public, all STR Licence applications will be circulated to Township Departments, including the Township’s Corporate Services Department to verify and comment on any OSRA; and may result in the requirement for an owner to enter into a License of Occupation (LOC) Encroachment Agreement with the Township.

 In the application, what is “Access to STR Premises” referring to?
  • Staff will request that the applicant checks off on what classification of road leads to the STR premises for emergency services. If the applicant does not know this, the address of the STR will be reviewed by the Township’s Public Works department based on Township’s road map.
 Is there a screening process of the person(s) or company applying for an STR Licence?
  • The screening that is completed is for any previous violations or compliance history related to an STR applicant(s), or an STR premises that may be applying for a licence.
  • Staff will review the property in relation to applicable Township by-laws (i.e., zoning and provisions).
 How is a violation determined under an STR Licence?
A violation is determined only after evidence has been provided and that evidence supports a confirmed violation (along with any additional compliance review).
 Can complaints qualify as a violation against an STR Licence?

No, complaints on their own without support cannot qualify as a violation against an STR.

Can a renter’s violation be held against the STR owner?
 Yes, if a violation is confirmed, it will be applied against the STR owner’s licence. This is identified with the “Renter’s Code of Conduct” found in the STR By-law.
 Who will be determining if an STR premises and licence are compliant/in violation?

The STR Coordinator along with Township staff with receive and process STR applications. 

The Township's By-law Enforcement Officer will enforce by-law violations and any outstanding STR violations.

How many demerit points or confirmed violations are allowed before an STR licence is suspended or revoked?
  •  STR Licence is suspended when three (3) demerit points or confirmed violations are determined within one (1) year.
  • STR Licence is revoked when one (1) additional demerit point or confirmed violation is received within one (1) year of the licence suspension date. 
 How do I make a request for an appeal to the Township about my STR?
  • One must make the request to the Township of Lake of Bays so that it arrives within fifteen (15) days after being served with a decision, order, suspension, or revocation by:

a) Sending a notice of appeal, setting forth the reasons for the appeal, by registered mail to the Township Clerk; or

 b) In Person to the Township Clerk to set forth reasons for the appeal and to request an appeal date; and

c) Remitting payment of the Order Appeal Fee as provided in the Fees & Charges By-law (Fee refunded if order rescinded)

  • Upon receipt of the appeal, the Township Clerk will review the appeal request.  Upon the merit of the appeal request, the matter may be resolved with Staff and the requestor, or the appeal may be included on the next available Council Agenda.
  • If the appeal is to be heard by Council, the applicant/requestor will be notified by the Township Clerk of the date and time when the appeal will be heard.  Notification will be sent to the mailing address or email provided, or last known mailing address or email for the STR Premises that was identified within the request for an appeal.
 What types of appeals are available under the STR Program?
  •  Denial of an STR Licence Application – person(s) wishes to appeal the decision of staff to deny an application that was submitted to Township staff.
  • Order Issued to STR Premises – person(s) wishes to appeal either the timelines or remedy required under an Order issued to an STR Premises.
  • Suspension of an STR Licence – Licence holder(s) wishes to appeal the suspension of a licence based on demerit points or confirmed violations against the property/owner(s).
  • Revocation of an STR Licence – Licence holder(s) wishes to appeal the revocation of a licence based on demerit points or confirmed violations against the property/owner(s).

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