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Environmental Projects Grant Program

The Environmental Projects Grant Program is intended to provide financial assistance to individuals and organizations that offer direct projects, events or services that enhance the quality of life for the Township of Lake of Bays residents. The fund's primary objective is to enhance water quality and ecosystem health in the Township of Lake of Bays. It will support a range of projects, with a priority on activities that support/sustain, promote, inform/educate, celebrate, preserve, and/or provide access to one or more of the following categories:


Community Gardening, Green Space Development and Pollinator Gardens

Encouraging the development of community gardens and green spaces that use native plants and native pollinator gardens to support biodiversity.

Kids in a nature education program

Educational Programs on Local Flora & Fauna

Projects, events or services aimed at educating the community about the importance of local plant and animal species and how to care for and cohabitate with them.

Water Erosion

Erosion Control and Sustainable Water Management

Projects focused on preventing erosion and runoff and using reclaimed and recycled water systems (e.g., rain barrels, cisterns, dry wells, rain gardens) to help increase water retention and reduce the effects of increased precipitation.

Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta

Native Plant Restoration and Landscape Conservation Projects

Initiatives focused on the restoration of native plant species and natural landscapes, removal of invasive species, as well as the preservation of natural plant habitats.

The program has three streams to offer flexibility and a more efficient application process.

  • The Habitat Fund stream will provide up to $500 for small-scale projects aimed at habitat conservation, restoration and/or enhancement.
  • The Biodiversity Fund stream will provide up to $1000. This larger fund supports projects that contribute to the preservation and/or enhancement of biodiversity within ecosystems.
  • The Watershed Fund stream offers up to $5000 for broader-scope projects that protect, restore, and/or manage watershed health and water quality.


  • Applications to the Habitat Fund and Biodiversity Fund streams will be open during the second quarter (April 1st to June 30th) and again during the fourth quarter (October 1st to December 31st) if funds are available and are awarded by the review panel.
  • Applications to the Watershed Fund streams will be reviewed by the review panel during the fourth quarter (October 1st to December 31st) for projects taking place in the following calendar year.

Program Administration

The Environmental Projects Grant Program Policy ensures that public funds for this program are used in an accountable and transparent manner and provides a framework for the administration of the program, including eligibility, the application process, and decision-making criteria for awarding funds.

When the project, event or service is completed, grant recipients are to provide confirmation of completion to a Grant Program Administrator. Following this, if approved, the grant will be awarded.

Final Report

  • The Environmental Projects Grant recipients must complete a final report to report on how the funding was spent and the impact the project, event or service had on the community.
  • The final report must be submitted to the Township within three (3) months after the project/event occurs.

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