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Notice of Public Meeting

Township-wide Amendments to Community Planning Permit By-Law for Housekeeping Amendments

Meeting Details:

  • Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2024
  • Time: 9:00 AM
  • Location: Hybrid format
    • The Township of Lake of Bays Municipal Office (1012 Dwight Beach Rd, Dwight, Ontario)
    • Online via Zoom (Please contact Helena Craymer, Planner, for the participation link. Details below)

Purpose of Meeting:

The meeting is being held to consider Township-wide amendments to the Community Planning Permit By-law 2021-111. 

The Community Planning Permit By-law 2021-111 was approved by Council in October 2021, and came into force and effect on April 18th, 2024 by Ontario Land Tribunal decision.  

The purpose and effect of the proposed housekeeping amendments is to address recent changes to the Planning Act, amend policies to clarify interpretation and application of the By-law, and correct punctuation, formatting and grammatical errors.

Key Elements of the Amendments:

  • Remove requirement for pre-consultation in accordance with recent changes to the Planning Act
  • Amend provisions related to “existing lots”
  • Amend maximum footprint of marine storage shed to be consistent with Ontario Building Code
  • Amend provisions pertaining to maximum Gross Floor Area of an Accessory Dwelling Unit
  • Add provision permitting reduced interior side yard setback to a single storey shed
  • Update definitions and permissions for “Floor Area” and “Gross Floor Area”
  • Add “shipping container” as a permitted structure in Institutional Community Planning Permit Areas
  • Add definitions and permissions for “Staff Housing”, “Apartment” and “Secondary Apartment”
  • Update definitions and permissions for “Permeable Materials”, “Permeable Pathway” and “Patio”
  • Add permissions for variations to general provisions within Section 3 of the By-law by way of a Class 2 Council Variation Planning Permit
  • Update definition of “Boathouse” to remove maximum 20% openings and amend general provisions relating to flat-roofed and peaked roof boathouse
  • Extend the time period to fulfill provisionally approved Planning Permits and Revegetation Plans from one year to two years
  • Amend the requirement for a Community Planning Permit for all lands within 120 metres of, or adjacent to a natural heritage feature
  • Update permissions pertaining to maximum width of a dwelling to include any lot in a Settlement Planning Permit Area that contains and/or abuts water frontage
  • Add minimum required setback to be maintained from an Environmental Protection Planning Permit Area

Additional Information:

Additional information and materials are available on the full Notice of Public Meeting as well as our Zoning page.

For more information or clarification on the above, including information about appeal rights, please contact:

Helena Craymer, Planner
1012 Dwight Beach Road, Dwight, ON     P0A 1H0
Phone: (705) 635-2272 ext. 1222 or 1-877-566-0005 or fax (705) 635-2132. 

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