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Turtle Nesting Season – Road Crews Take a Small Pause to Protect Snapping Turtle Nest

The Township of Lake of Bays reminds residents and travellers that turtle nesting season is underway and urges everyone to be mindful and aware of turtles crossing and nesting on roads near wetland areas.

On Tuesday evening, June 18, 2024, while inspecting an area for upcoming road resurfacing operations, crews discovered a snapping turtle laying eggs on the road’s shoulder. All planned resurfacing work for the section where the nest was found was halted, the area was marked, and the Saving Turtles At Risk Today (S.T.A.R.T) program was contacted.

Extracting snapping turtle eggs
Member of the S.T.A.R.T program carefully extracting the snapping turtle eggs

Yesterday, S.T.A.R.T was on site and extracted 27 snapping turtle eggs. These eggs are now en route to the organization's facility for incubation, with anticipated release in August. According to a representative from the S.T.A.R.T program, the incubation success rate is approximately 80%. 

The Township would like to extend its thanks to crews of The District Municipality of Muskoka and Fowler Construction for their diligence in identifying the nesting site.


"As a community, we have a responsibility to protect these animals, and we are so grateful for our friends in the S.T.A.R.T program, who do an incredible job assisting these beautiful creatures at risk," said Mayor Terry Glover of the Township of Lake of Bays. "Great job to the work crew who spotted the nest, took swift action, and followed proper protocols to ensure we are being good stewards of our environment."

Turtle nest with eggs inside
27 extracted snapping turtle eggs ready for incubation

According to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, all eight species of freshwater turtles are declining across Canada and are at risk. Roadsides are often chosen as nesting sites since they contain ideal gravelly shoulders, but this exposes both the females and young to dangerous high-traffic areas. The typical nesting season for turtles in the area runs from late May through June. 

During the nesting season, residents can assist in turtle conservation efforts by:

  • Watching for turtles crossing roads and helping them safely cross in the direction they were heading.
  • Keeping dogs on leashes and away from potential nesting areas.
  • If a nest is discovered, not disturbing or handling turtle nests or hatchlings.
  • Rare, nesting or injured turtles can be reported through the Reptile Hotline at 705-955-4284.

To learn more about turtle conservation and how you can help ensure turtle safety, visit

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