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Civic Addressing (911 Sign)

Your civic address is the location of your property. A civic address is made up of three parts:

  1. A civic number
  2. A full street name
  3. The municipality

Assigning 911 Civic Addresses

Property owners with a driveway that has an approved entrance permit issued by the Public Works Department as well as existing structures, dwellings, or proposed dwellings with existing building applications, are mandated to obtain a civic address sign. This also applies to commercial and agricultural lots.

After receiving a complete building application and applicable fees, the Township of Lake of Bays initiates the process of issuing a Civic Address for your dwelling. Staff will contact you when your civic address sign is ready for pickup at the Township office.

Property owners are obligated to ensure that the civic sign is clearly visible from the road in both directions by posting it in a visible area at the end of their driveway.


  • The Township of Lake of Bays does not assign civic signs to vacant lots and enforces a no-camping by-law.
  • Rural Routes and postal codes are provided by Canada Post.


Civic Addressing By-law


New Sign & Post

$125 + HST


$100 + HST

Post Only

$50 + HST

Fees are made payable to the township in person with cheque, debit, cash or via etransfer payable to

In the case of an emergency where there is no available civic address or fire sign number for the property, individuals may use the What3words app. Emergency dispatchers are familiar with this app and utilize it during calls.

Additionally, individuals may memorize the civic address numbers on either side of their property and convey this information to the dispatcher.

In the event that you need to provide your address to utility services with no assigned civic address, you may provide them with your roll number, which will enable them to locate your property.

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