Commission/Certify Documents

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The Township of Lake of Bays has staff appointed to commission documents and certify documents as true copies.

Commissioner of Oaths

Please note that the municipality does not have a Notary Public on staff. If your documents require a Notary Public, you should contact a Lawyer's office.

To have a document commissioned:

  • All parties required to sign the document must be present and provide valid photo identification; 
  • The entire document must be presented;
  • Staff will review the document to determine if the document meets specifications; and
  • If the paperwork is in order, all parties named in the document will then swear an oath of truth and the document will be stamped and sealed.

Please Note: The municipality reserves the right to copy any documents commissioned for the township record and reserves the right to refuse commissioning services of any document.

The Commissioner cannot commission documents in any language other than English, as they are unable to validate the information.

Commissioning fees

Type of Commissioning


Non-Municipal Documents

$10 per signature (plus HST)

Municipal Documents

No Charge

Vital Statistics Act Documents

No Charge

Certification of Documents

The Clerk can certify documents as true copies. Please ensure that you bring the original documentation with you for verification. 

Certification Fees

Type of Certification


Self-Prepared Document

$15.00 per visit (plus HST)

Township Prepared Document

$25.00 per visit (plus HST)

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