Integrity Commissioner

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The Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Committees outlines the principles and rules of good conduct and ethics that Council or Committee members are expected to demonstrate in the performance of their duties.

Responsibilities of the Integrity Commissioner

In accordance with Section 223 of the Municipal Act, 2001, the Township of Lake of Bays has the authority to appoint an Integrity Commissioner. The Integrity Commissioner has the power to assess and investigate complaints respecting alleged contraventions of the Code of Conduct or any policy, procedure or by-law adopted by Council.

The Integrity Commissioner reports to Council and is responsible for performing in an independent manner, the following three duties: 

  • Complaint Investigation;
  • Complaint Adjudication; and
  • Preparing and Presenting Reports to Council.

Individuals who have identified or witnessed behaviour or an action by a member of Council or Committee, in their capacity as members of Council or Committee for the Township of Lake of Bays, that they believe is in contravention of the Code of Conduct, may address the matter through a complaint process outline in the Code of Conduct.

Contact Information for the Integrity Commissioner:

Suzanne Craig

Address: 40 Richview Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9A 5C1




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