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Public Notice: The Official Plan is currently undergoing a review process.

2016 Official Plan


An official plan is a policy document that describes how land should be used in the community. It provides direction for future planning activities and for public and private initiatives aimed at improving the existing physical environment. The Township Official Plan is based largely on input made by citizens through the public participation process. Official plans address issues such as:

  • Implementing the Township vision
  • Promoting the wise stewardship of the Township's natural and cultural heritage and character
  • Providing for orderly growth

If you want to use your property or develop it in a way that conflicts with the approved Official Plan, you will need to obtain an Official Plan amendment. Every Official Plan amendment triggers a review by staff, approval by Council, as well as public meetings and negotiations. Before you apply for an amendment, you should discuss your proposal with Planning Services.

Official Plan Document

Official Plan


Schedules (Maps)

To view full size versions schedules please visit the Township office.

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