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The following is a list of common licenses, permits and information on the application process of the Township of Lake of Bays. If you require an alternative format, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator.

Building and Construction

 How to Submit a Building Application

Building applications and requests for inspections can now be submitted online through Cloudpermit.

 Access Cloudpermit

This online tool allows you to see the status of your application at any time and from any location. You will get updates on the progress of your application throughout the e-permitting application process.

New to Cloudpermit?

Get help on our Cloudpermit information page.




As of January 3, 2023, all new applications must be submitted through Cloudpermit, however, the option to submit a PDF or physical application remains open until that time. To submit a building application in the form of a document to the Township’s Building and By-law Services, you can;

  • drop off at the secure drop-box, located at Township municipal office

Township of Lake of Bays

Municipal Office

1012 Dwight Beach Rd,

Dwight, ON  P0A 1H0

Once the application has been received, the applicant will be notified as to the fee and how payment can be made.

Construct or Demolish Permit

As of January 3, 2023, all new applications must be submitted through Cloudpermit.

To construct or demolish single family dwelling (SFD), cottage, additions or accessory structures the following applications may be required:

Dock and Boathouse/Boat Port Permit

To construct, install or demolish docks, boathouses or boat ports the following application will be required:

Development Charges

Development charges are fees collected from developers at the time they apply for a building permit. Development charges help pay for the cost of infrastructure required to provide municipal services such as roads, bridges, and community centres, fire and police facilities. Development charges are collected when building on vacant lands and on commercial buildings.

Water & Ice Travel Inspection Request

Booking an inspection where the inspector is required to travel over ice or water requires the following forms to be submitted to Building Services 48 hours prior to the inspection.

Septic Permit

As of January 3, 2023, all new applications must be submitted through Cloudpermit.

To install or replace any part of a septic system, a septic permit application will be required.

Tent Permits/ Air Support Structure

As of January 3, 2023, all new applications must be submitted through Cloudpermit.

A permit for a tent or group of tents is required when the tent or group of tents are:

  1. Over 60 m2 (approximately 645 ft2) in aggregate ground area;
  2. Attached to a building, and;
  3. Constructed closer than 3 m (approximately 10 feet) from other structure.

Water and Sewer Permit

As of January 3, 2023, all new applications must be submitted through Cloudpermit.

To connect to water and sewer in the Baysville area the following application is required:

Business Permits & Licences (BizPal)

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BizPaL is a free online service that provides entrepreneurs with easy access to information about business permits, licences and other requirements needed to start, operate and grow their business.

  • One stop shop to learn about municipal, provincial, and federal government requirements
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Commercial Use of Municipal Property

The Commercial Use of Municipal Property Agreement allows for the commercial use of municipal property (including docks, parking, outdoor facilities or other structures) by person, company, or franchise whether vending or renting, and may include the following:

  • Docking of vessels;
  • Parking of vehicles or trailers;
  • Selling food/beverages;
  • Cooking food within a food truck or trailer; 
  • Renting of equipment; or
  • Use of docks and facilities.

To apply, please complete the Commercial Use of Municipal Property Permit Application along with the application fee.

Dog Licence

Lifetime dog licenses within the Township are FREE. These licenses are available at the Township offices at the Building/Planning counter from By-law Enforcement Services staff. Bring proof of vaccination for your animal to the municipal office during business hours when requesting a license. Staff will ask for:

  • Dog's description/information
  • Owner's contact information
  • Copy of records of vaccination and spay/neuter being completed

Reminder that our By-law for the Control and Licensing of Dogs within the Lake of Bays states that every person who owns or cares for any dog shall have a license, required once in the lifetime of the animal. Please update By-law Services if your contact information changes, or your dog ownership changes.

New residents are asked to register their dog with the first 30 days of becoming a resident within the Township of Lake of Bays. If you receive a notice or warning for not having a license for your dog, there will be a $30.00 charge for this lifetime license.

Encroachment Agreement (Licence of Occupation)

For policies and applications related to the use of municipal land, visit our Sale of Municipal Land page.

Freedom of Information Request

Learn about making a Freedom of Information Request

Heritage Property Tax Relief Program

This program provides an incentive to property owners to invest in the on-going conservation of their heritage building. For application forms and more information, view our Heritage Property Tax Relief Program.

LED Community Sign Message Request

It is free to promote your community event on the LED Community Signs located in Dwight and Baysville.

Submit a Message Request.

Dwight Sign 

Baysville Sign

LED comunity sign in Dwight

Baysville LED sign

Lottery Licence

View our Lottery Licencing information.


View our weddings page for more information.

Municipal Access User Agreement (MAUA)

The Municipal Access User Agreement allows for approved use of Township property, along with the parking of vehicles and boats for related purposes. Staff is given authority by Council, as defined under the Public Parks By-law Section 3, paragraph (f) to review and approve agreements between the Township and an approved user for the non-residential/commercial use of Township property.

You may apply in writing, completing a User Agreement Application for the following uses of Municipally-owned water access areas:

  • Operation of vehicle(s), boat(s), barge(s) for commercial purposes
  • Water access by residents who are using the access point for the transfer of materials or contractors for the purposes of work done to their property

Any overnight or long-term parking/storing of commercial vehicles can ONLY be considered at Remote Landings as defined with the by-law. If vehicles are tagged with a warning, and found continued to be unattended, the vehicle or boat may be removed by the Township or a person contracted on its behalf and shall be subject to the lien provisions, storage and disposal requirements, as set out in the Repair and Storage Liens Act.

Planning and Development

How to submit a Planning Application

A planning application can be submitted by email to

  • mail to the Township of Lake of Bays municipal office address 
  • drop off at the secure drop-box, located at Township municipal office


Consent (Severance)

Dividing land requires approval from the Committee of Adjustment.

Deeming By-Law

Required to remove a lot from a plan of subdivision; usually used when closing part of the Original Shore Road Allowance fronting a lot in order to ensure properties merge.

Development Permits

If you want to use or develop your property in a way that does not comply with the existing Development Permit By-law 2004-180.

Remove Vegetation

When you would like to remove vegetation from within the shoreline activity area.

Minor Variance

If you want to use or develop your property in a minor way that does not comply with the existing Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2004-181.


If you want to use or develop your property that does not comply with the existing Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2004-181.

Site Plan Agreement

Site plan control applies to construction, development and redevelopment on certain lands within the Township. Please contact Planning Services for further information. 

Official Plan Amendment

If you want to use or develop your property in a way that conflicts with the approved Official Plan, you will need to apply for an amendment.

Purchase of Original Shore Road and Road Allowance

For policies and applications related to purchasing shoreline road allowances or road allowances, visit our Sale of Municipal Land page.


Entrance Permits

Apply for an entrance permit if you need to install a new entrance, change the location of an existing one, or formalize an existing entrance. The Township is only responsible for entrances that have a finalized permit.

District of Muskoka roads

If you live on a District of Muskoka road please contact 705-645-6764.

Road Occupation Permit

Apply for a Road Occupancy Permit before you install a utility within a Township road allowance, including:

  • water
  • septic
  • hydro
  • telephone

Any damage that you cause when installing a utility while not having a permit is your responsibility.

Licence Agreement (previously known as Unassumed Road Improvement Agreement)

Make sure that you have an Licence Agreement before working on and/or improving a Township Road Allowance.

Short-term Rentals Licence

Effective January 1, 2022, a Short-term Rentals licence will be required within the Township. Application forms will be available prior to program launch.

Sign Permit

Permits required for the placement of Signs and Advertising Devices are regulated by the Sign By-law.

Special Event Permit

To host an event on municipal property a special event permit is required.

Special Occasion Certificate

Special Occasion Certificates from the Mayor may be requested for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other types of special events.

Please submit your request in writing at least two (2) weeks prior to the special occasion to the Corporate Services Department and include the following information:

  • Name of individual(s) to receive certificate;
  • Reason for requesting special occasion certificate;
  • Date of special occasion;
  • Your name and contact information so that pick up arrangements can be made.

Vendor's Permit

Vendor's Permit Application

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